Wonder Girl Live-Action Series No Longer Moving Forward at The CW


Wonder Girl Live-Action Series No Longer Moving Forward at The CW

Wonder Girl Live-Action Series No Longer Moving Forward at The CW

After not hearing many updates on The CW’s Wonder Girl series, writer Dailyn Rodriguez took to Twitter to reveal that the development of the live-action DC series has officially been cancelled and is no longer moving forward at The CW. The Wonder Girl series was supposed to center around a new DC character named Yara Flor, who debuted last month as part of DC Comics’ Future State event. The live-action series would have mark the first Arrowverse series headlined by a Latina actress.

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The live-action Wonder Girl series was set to be written by Dailyn Rodriguez. Previously, Rodriguez has served as an executive producer and co-showrunner on USA’s Queen of the South. Additionally, Rodriguez has worked as a writer and producer on The Night Shift, The Glades, and Ugly Betty. She’s collaborated with Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti, served as an executive producer on the short-lived project through his Berlanti Productions banner alongside Sarah Schechter and David Madden.

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Created by writer and artist Joëlle Jones, Yara is introduced as the daughter of an Amazon Warrior and a Brazilian River God. Yara will succeed Diana Prince as the next Wonder Woman, but the fate of Diana herself is still unclear. Fans first got to meet her in the Future State event last January which is a two-month event that hits pause on all ongoing DC titles and instead propels fans into an uncertain future, where many of the DC Universe’s A-list characters have either died or passed on their mantles to younger heroes.

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