When does the Genshin Impact The Perfect Shot quest go live?


When does the Genshin Impact The Perfect Shot quest go live?

Genshin Impact The Perfect Shot is an upcoming quest, connected to Five Flushes of Fortune. Five Flushes was added as part of the Genshin Impact 1.3 update and involves taking pictures of different creatures or items each day to build up a full collection.

This is all leading up to The Perfect Shot in Genshin Impact, another camera-based quest in the latest update. However, unlike most quests, you don’t just unlock the next stage upon completion, or by levelling up. Instead, Genshin Impact’s Five Flushes of Fortune runs for a full, real-world week, before the next stage begins. So, here’s everything we know about the upcoming quest.

When does The Perfect Shot begin?

Five Flushes of Fortune runs from February 3 until February 10, and it’s expected that The Perfect Shot will start then. It could also be February 11 depending on when the servers update.

What is the Genshin Impact The Perfect Shot questline?

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At this stage, I’m not sure. It’s another camera quest, and it follows on from Five Flushes of Fortune, but whether or not it follows the same color card trading mechanic hasn’t yet been revealed. The title suggests it will be more about taking specific pictures rather than Five Flushes more spread out options, but I can’t say for sure.

When does The Perfect Shot end?

Again, not sure. We know Genshin Impact is getting a new banner—led by Keqing—on the 17, which would be a week after The Perfect Shot, assuming it starts on the February 10.

With this, and the fact Five Flushes lasts for a week, The Perfect Shot being a seven-day event seems to make sense. At this point though, nobody knows. It might end up lasting for a million years! Probably not though. It’s probably a week.

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