Vice City & Grand Theft Auto III’s Source Code Has Been Reverse-Engineered


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Image: Vice City

A team of fans have managed to reverse-engineer the source code for both Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City, making the files available for download.

This is great news! We’ve seen recently what reverse-engineered games can mean to modders, with Mario 64 being the biggest example, allowing it to be “ported” to the PC instead of run via emulation.

While that’s not the key aim here—both those GTA games are already available on PC—source code also allows modders to create potentially new and interesting stuff. Like, using Mario 64 as an example again, adding ray tracing to the game.

That said, getting access to the source code does make porting to other platforms easier, and the team have already got the code running on Switch, Vita and Wii U, while also hoping to get it onto PS2 and Xbox as well.

You can check out the project here.

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