The Best Deals to Shop on February 15, 2021


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An Asus 2-in-1 Chromebook and GameStop’s Funko Pops sale lead Monday’s best deals.

Promoted Deal: Up To 80% off Sex Toys | Lelo

Hey hey, for a short time, Lelo is having a Valentine’s Day sale on their sex toys. You’ll get up to 80% off select sex toys, and they’ve even separated their site into 20%, 25%, and 50% categories for you to get the most savings on the items you would most like to take you to orgasmic bliss. The best options to do that, in my humble opinion, would be the Lelo Sila, a soft and sensitive pulsating clit stimulator, as well as the Ina Wave, a rabbit vibrator for both g-spot and clitoral action … at the same time. They’re both $135 after discounts of 20% and 25%! I don’t know what you’re waiting for, orgasms are just a couple of clicks away!

Remember when 4K Ultra HD TVs were pricey luxuries? Over time, they’ve become more and more affordable—and this is one of the cheapest 4K sets we’ve ever seen. Right now, Best Buy is offering a Westinghouse 4K HDR Smart TV for just $190, marked down from the $300 list price. This crisp set is powered by Roku’s operating system and has all of the major streaming video apps built-in, plus it has a strong 4.6-star rating from customers.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing a few items from JLab over the last few weeks and was pleasantly surprised by the quality for not only the price but the size. If you’re unsure where to start with wireless and are worried about going too cheap, the JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds are a great option. They’re 15% off and in that nice space of moderate price but reliable performance.

The sound is crisp, clear, and they block out a fair amount of background noise. They turn on automatically and connect immediately, which is something I’m still getting used to with this brand. And being able to control everything by tapping one of the earbuds takes some time to figure out. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you remember how many taps to what, the transitions are seamless. The charging case is true to the twenty-four-hour claims of playtime. Expect around six hours of tune time for the earbuds off of one charge. These are sweatproof and waterproof, so workout approved whether indoors or outside. They are comfy for hours of wear, and the case is compact enough to toss in your bag or pocket. The JBuds will be a great addition to your audio collection.

This will ship for free, no need to be a Prime member.

It’s my laptop! It’s my tablet! It’s my laptop and my tablet! Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more hybrid laptops that can fold up into a a freestanding tablet. The idea here is to offer the best of both worlds with a keyboard for computing and a touch screen for just casual chillin’. It’s a neat premise for those who want a computer device, but don’t need power. If that’s you, check out this Asus 2-in-1 Chromebook. It features a 14″ full HD touchscreen that can be flipped around 360 degrees. With 4GB of system memory and 64GB of flash memory, this isn’t a device you can get really complicated with, but it’s all you’ll need for some basic multitasking.

If you’re looking for a sale on some Beats, boy do I have the deal for you. The Powerbeats Pro earphones are down to $150 in red at Best Buy, 40% off the original list price. You’ll be able to wirelessly connect these bad boys to any device and you’ll be able to get up to nine hours of listening time, and can control the volume and audio controls from the actual earphones.

You can snag the newest iPad Air (4th Generation) at Amazon right now and get $40 in savings, bringing your total down to $559 for the base 64GB model in Green or Silver. They’re the cheapest of the bunch and both are ready to ship this week, although the other colors are also available for $569 each.

Reviews are in, and all indications are that this is the best value among all of Apple’s big slates. It shares a lot in common with the bigger, more powerful, much more expensive iPad Pro. It’s only missing extra cameras and Face ID (but the fingerprint reader is back to help), plus the display isn’t as bright (600 nits vs 500), big (12.9 inches vs 10.9 inches), or fast (120hz vs 60hz).

But it has the powerful Apple A14 Bionic chipset and picks up Apple Pencil support, making this a much sweeter option for casual artists and multimedia buffs. And it comes in fun colors, too.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your monitor, here’s a deal for you. You can grab this 27″ Asus curved monitor for just $220, and it’s a powerhouse. The biggest feature here is its 165 Hz refresh rate, which will heavily reduce lag and motion blurring. The trade off is that the monitor is 1080p, though that’s to be expected with high refresh monitors. Many gamers prioritize refresh rate over resolution, so that’s a matter of preference. Beyond that, the monitor comes with a host of special perks like Asus’ Extreme Low Motion Blur and tech that reduces flicker. The screen has 1500R curvature as well, so the entire thing is really built with immersion in mind. Less blur, more wrapping a big screen around your face.

Looking for something cute to treat yourself or another with? You can grab these delicious-looking ice cream, boba tea, and peach AirPods covers and get them in no time at all if you’re an Amazon Prime member. The Boba one is your best deal price at just $8.

If you’re looking for something extra extra cute though, I gotta say that I’m torn between this No Face case for just $9 and this very pink Sailor Moon case (that comes in three variations) for the same fabulous price.

You could also snag an Appa Airpod Case (try saying that 10 times fast) for just $8 when you clip the coupon under the price on its Amazon product page. And, it’s a bit pricier, but there’s also a really cute Baby Yoda one.

If you have the AirPods Pro, these adorable Gatorade and Fiji water covers come in a 2-pack for just $14! These would make great gifts for friends who like to stay hydrated and keep their AirPod Pros on hand (or should I say in-ear?) at all times. This bright Sour Patch Kids case is also pretty fun and comes in three different colors for just $11 each.

I’ve made the switch to an inkjet printer, and I’m not going back. It felt like I was buying new ink cartridges way too often, which was bad for my budget and it also felt just plain wasteful. This Epson EcoTank ET-2720 inkjet printer should provide the average household with up to two years of printing— or 4,500 prints, whichever comes first. The calculation Epson made is based on 125 prints a month. And that’s all just in the one ink kit that the wireless all-in-one printer comes with! The equivalent in traditional ink cartridges would be about 80 cartridges.

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is $50 off right now at Best Buy, and that’s a deal you should seriously jump on. Not only will you get lots of clean prints, you can also scan documents and make copies in a snap! Grab it while the deal is still good.

If you’re a Funko collector, you’re probably going to want to see this. GameStop is celebrating President’s Day in the funniest way possible … by having a buy three get one free Funko Pop sale. Really, nothing screams America like Funko Pops, right? The sale specifically includes all $12 Funkos, which offers a pretty wide range of options from Baby Yoda to Britney Spears. Most importantly, the entire line of WandaVision Funko Pops is on sale, including the black and white figures. If you’ve been meaning to pick that set up, you can grab four for the price of three. If you’re someone who’s always wanted just a few Funkos, but not too many, this sale is a perfect way to get a bunch in one go. Just be careful. Funko collecting is a slippery slope.

The Kingdom Hearts series is known for a lot of things. Action, story, characters, you name it. But it also features some iconic music. Who among us won’t belt out Simple and Clean every time we hear that hook? Then there’s the criminally underrated Sanctuary, which is my personal favorite. That’s not even to mention the series’ original score. If you want all of the tunes from Kingdom Hearts without all of the RPG shenanigans, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is on sale for $40 today. This rhythm game features over 140 tracks to play on in both shingle and multiplayer modes. If you’ve always been interesting in Kingdom Hearts, but too intimidated by it, hell, why not just play this and call it a day?

For many years, I have considered getting a beanbag chair. I know that probably sounds like the kind of thing that one doesn’t need to “consider,” but it haunts me. Am I prepared to become beanbag guy? Like when guests come over to watch sports, am I going to bring out the beanbag and say “Someone can sit here if they want”? I’m not sure if I can be that guy, but I am tempted to finally pull the trigger today, because this Poké Ball beanbag chair is down to $60at GameStop. features include: it’s a beanbag chair that looks like a Poké Ball. What more do you need? Now when a friend asks for a pillow to sit on, I can chuck this at their head as if I am trying to catch them. They will hate me. And I will laugh.

So you’ve played all the Dark Souls games. You’ve fought your way through Demon’s Souls. You’ve played Bloodborne more times than you can count. Sekiro? Vanquished. Nioh? Ni-old. Hollow Knight? Okay, now you’re reaching. So what walls are left for you to bash your head against? Well, there’s always Mortal Shell. The Dark Souls-inspired action RPG is, s they say, metal as hell. It features a soundtrack by Greek black metal band Rotting Christ, and that probably tells you all you need to know about how much this game will punish you. If that sounds right up your alley, GameStop has the PS4 version on sale for $17 today. Give it a try, you little masochistic freak.

Want to treat your desk to a little something new? The Razer Huntsman Mini 60% gaming keyboard is down to $100 right now on Amazon.

If you want the gaming performance that Razer offers without sacrificing your desk space, the Huntsman Mini might be the perfect fit. With its matte, aluminum top-frame, you get a mighty little keyboard that’s built to withstand “intense, regular use,” according to Razer.

It looks so cute and compact, but this little guy is built to last. Its keys are even made of “textured, high-grade PBT for a more durable and textured finish less prone to long-term grime build-up” according to the product description. So I guess you don’t have to skimp on those Cheetos next time you want to type and snack at the same time?—Oof, maybe that’s too far. I’m sorry, I’ve been isolating for almost a year now and I find that I need to consciously remind myself of social norms at times. We should probably do the Mini or any other keyboard the courtesy of wiping off Cheeto dust first, right? I mean, hygiene should be a top priority right now and we should probably be cleaning our keyboards and other peripherals more often anyway. But still— my point stands that this is a durable investment to consider if you’re in the market for a new keyboard. 

You want it? Grab it before the price goes back up!

Me? I just really want Cheetos now.

Arcade1Up is known for bringing retro gaming back into our lives in creative ways. From arcade cabinet reproductions to gaming pub tables, they offer a perfect way to build out a nice gamer cave. Some of their products are a bit more practical too, like their line of retro gaming barstools. Today, you can grab a bunch of gaming stools on sale for $59 to really spruce up your theoretical bar. You can grab Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Marvel Super Heroes stools at a discount right now, so pick whichever one you want to sit on more. Do you want to plant right down on Thanos’ face? Perfect! Want to just warm your buns on the heat of the NBA Jam logo? Hell yeah buddy! Live your best life. No rules, no masters, no bedtimes.

GameStop currently has pre-owned Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers on sale for just $45 each for President’s Day weekend.

I have my eye on this Sony DUALSHOCK 4 berry blue wireless controller— those colors just pop! But there’s certainly something to be said for a more understated look. This midnight blue option is sure to match any decor, if that’s important to you.

Need another controller for your Xbox One? This sleek-looking Microsoft Xbox One green and gray wireless controller is also $45. If you want something with more of a pop of color, there are plenty of options, like this sport blue one.

If none of these options are your cup of tea, no worries— check out all the controllers on sale right here. You’re sure to find one that fits your needs! Just make sure to do it before the President’s Day Weekend sale is over.

Alright, let’s get something straight. Presidents’ Day? Whatever! It seems like a pretty lame holiday and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that “celebrates” it. But is having a day off from work nice? Yes. And is having a bunch of absolutely random sales because of it also a perk? Yep. So, it’s hard for me to complain when Best Buy is running a massive video game sale for the holiday. What’s discounted? Too much to list here considering there are 12 pages of deals. But here are some highlights none the less. First-party Nintendo Switch games are discounted across the board, and you know how rare that can be. Most notable is the elusive Ring Fit Adventure, which is down to $70. Even the rarely discounted Animal Crossing: New Horizons is down to $50. The Last of Us Part 2 is $30, so you can finally form an opinion on it for half price. The absolutely fantastic Yakuza: Like a Dragon is down to $40 and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

We all knew this day was coming. Ever since Cyberpunk 2077 launched just in December, it’s seemed pretty clear that a price drop was imminent. A wave of bad press really hurt the game’s word of mouth, despite the fact that it reportedly sold over 13 million units.

Whether or not this is directly related to all of the fallout, you can now get Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4 for $49 or Xbox One for $45 from Amazon. If you’d rather get a PC copy, Eneba has the game down to $27 when you use the discount code CP2027 at checkout. You’ll get a key that’s redeemable on GOG.

Be warned that the game has been widely criticized on consoles for poor performance, especially if you have the original base PS4 or Xbox One hardware (instead of the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X).

CD Projekt Red has announced a roadmap of patches and fixes that will finish rolling out this month, and you’ll also get access to the respective next-generation upgrade on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S once that’s released later this year. However, there is no guarantee of eventual performance quality, so jump in at your own risk.

We’ve seen Ubisoft slash the price on games like Watch Dogs: Legion, Just Dance 2021, and even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but the studio just took things to another level. You can now grab Immortals: Fenyx Rising for $30 at Amazon. The game is still relatively brand new, so that’s about as fast a price cut as you can expect. Ubisoft’s latest open world game looks like it takes many cues from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with free climbing, gliding, and rune-like abilities that can be used to solve puzzle shrines. Except it’s about Gods. If that sounds up your alley, you can grab the PS4, Xbox, and Switch versions at a discount now.

If you’ve ever thought about buying any EA game in the past few years, here’s your moment to shine. Amazon is running a giant EA publisher sale, which includes discounts on some of the company’s greatest hits on PC only. If you don’t want to subscribe to EA Play, this is an excellent chance to pick and choose the games you want for cheap. The sale includes a mix of recent hits and golden oldies. If you’ve been thinking about getting Star Wars Squadrons, it’s on sale for $24. Speaking of the space drama, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is only $20.

The deals don’t stop there! Want to dip into Burnout Paradise Remastered? That’s only $5! There are some rock bottom prices on amazing games in here, like Titanfall 2 for $6 or Dead Space for $2, so browse around and see if there’s anything you’ve been meaning to pick up over the years.

If you work often and you don’t have the energy to vacuum your home from time to time, it helps that in 2021 we can rely on a robot to do this chore for us.

The ILife V3s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is no exception, where it can have a daily routine to go to certain rooms, vacuum up any dirt, and then go back to its charging station, ready for the next day of tasks. And luckily for you? It’s down to just $119 for President’s Day.

We’ve got a fabulous deal for bringing some more comfort to your bedroom right now. Unfortunately, our Lelo’s Valentine’s Day sale is finished, but you can still find some comfort in a soft new set of sheets, right?

Get yourself a Luxury Home sheet set for only $20 at MorningSave right now. These sheets are $20 regardless of whether you want them in full, queen, king, or the California king size. They come in lots of colors too: Pick from Chocolate, Cream, Gray, Khaki, Sage, White, Lilac, Gold, Navy, or Sky Blue.

The set includes a fitted and top sheet as well as two pillowcases. This deal is only good for today, so don’t miss out!

With a MorningSave monthly membership for $5, you can get unlimited shipping there as well as at Meh and SideDeal. Otherwise, shipping is $8.

If you (like me) have been skirting your New Year’s resolutions, then what better time than mid-February to right the ship? If one of your big goals is to look and especially feel better, then eating healthier is probably a priority. Tracking and limiting your potions is one of the most important ways to kick the junk and ensure that you’re not going overboard on consumption, even if it’s healthier stuff.

Luckily, Etekcity’s food kitchen scale is just $10 at Amazon right now when you clip the coupon on the page. This compact, countertop scale makes it easy to measure out portions in various units and even account for the weight of the container they’re in. It’s great for measuring amounts of fresh foods or to determine the portion size of packaged foods that don’t provide a per-piece serving. It’s also ideal for measuring out quantities for baking or cooking, whether or not you’re keeping your own portions in check.

If you own a home, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter messes that can’t be easily picked up with a broom, common household vacuum, or even a mass of towels. That’s where a wet-dry shop vac comes in handy, providing one large-capacity, rolling tool that can contend with things like basement flooding, light construction work, garage cleaning, and more.

Right now, Tacklife’s 6-gallon wet dry shop vac is just $61 at Amazon when you clip the coupon on the page and enter promo code 20DQV25P at checkout. With a big bin, 17-foot cord, and 5-foot hose range, you won’t have to stop and start a bunch when tackling big messes. It’s 32% off the list price right now.

I’m not a fancy chef or even really know what I’m doing in the kitchen. But I’m told owning good knives with control and grip is important. This sturdy and stunning set from Cuisinart is just that. These colorful ceramic coated knives are a perfect upgrade and only $15. This deal will run for the rest of today.

The handles are made of sleek and ergonomic, giving you comfort and charge over what you need to slice and dice. The stainless steel blades are ceramic coated and nonstick, making these easy to clean. The steel is sophisticated but not overstated, even with its bright hues. Somehow they seem to blend in with whatever else you have in your culinary arsenal. This set includes a chef knife, slicing knife, santoku knife, serrated utility knife, and a paring knife. All come with blade guards and the quality Cuisinart has come to be known for.

These will ship for free for star members.

Have peace of mind that you can give your car battery a boost anywhere with this Flylinktech car jump starter, 25% off when you clip the coupon below the price on Amazon.

That brings this jump starter down to just $52, which is a pretty dang good deal. Jump on it while the deal’s still good— apologies for the pun.

I certainly hope to never have to cut myself out of my seatbelt or smash a window to make my way out of a car. But, if I ever need to, this handy little car safety tool is sure to do the trick.

You can snag this car charger that is also a window breaker, seat belt cutter, and flashlight for just $18 at Amazon, a discount of 40%, when you apply code 3AEXKTXE at checkout. The flashlight even has multiple light settings and you can also use it as an SOS alarm. Oh yeah, you can use it to charge devices too!

Unfortunately, I believe this discount code only works on the black model and not the white one, which can be yours for $24. Just as a heads up, we previously had a discount code for the white model which brought it all the way down to $10— but that was a very short-lived deal that didn’t last through the day. So, this may drop again in price, but the black model is the best bet for now.

This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier on 1/31/2021 and was updated with new information on 2/13/2021.

Normally this would be the time of year where I’d be revamping home goods for my own travel or friends/family who will visit. But alas, travel plans are still on hold for the foreseeable future. However, this Macy’s sale is so good I’m just going to toss out the old and welcome the new. The Martha Stewart Collection of Quick Dry Towels are just $9, and the hand towels are $5. So you can have a set for only $14. Just use the code VDAY at checkout.

They come in nine colors, so you’re sure to find the right hues to blend with your bathroom decor and add a touch of class. Each towel is made of cozy machine washable cotton and is guaranteed to be cozy after a nice hot shower. This is because one side reverses to a solid terry cloth material. The bath towels are a standard 27″ x 52″. Act fast because these will not last.

Free shipping for Macy’s Platinum and Gold members. This sale ends on February 21.

Maybe you’ve seen it on TikTok or Instagram, or maybe even in a viral tweet thread. There’s a zillion of ‘em out there, but these galaxy projectors are a sensation, blasting an array of stars and lighting effects onto your wall and ceiling to savor at nighttime.

If you’ve been wondering about these things but weren’t sure which one to snag, here’s a good option: the GeMoor Star Projector is marked down to just $32 at Amazon today when you clip the 20% off coupon. It has a 4.5-star review average from 3,300+ customers and offers numerous projection modes, plus it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for playing tunes from your phone. It also comes with a remote control for easy access. Bring the stars to you and wind down in the galactic glow with this bargain.

The Echo Dot already hits the sweet spot of price and functionality for a voice assistant smart speaker, and the Echo Dot Kids Edition makes it more palatable for a child’s room or play space. It offers the same kind of functionality, but comes with a more adorable design—now with a tiger or panda face on the new globe-like shape—as well as a library of kids content via the included year of Amazon’s Kids+ content service.

Right now, you can pair an Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker with an Echo Glow lamp, which can change colors and is controlled by your voice, for just $70. That’s a $20 discount from the combined list price, and this bundle is the only way to get the full savings. You can also snag the Echo Dot Kids Edition by itself for $55, or $5 off list, if you’re not into the added Glow.

Disney still has a few things they’d like to clear out before the spring items roll in. Until tonight, take 25% off just about anything in the entire store. Hoodies, figures, cups, pins, bags, and more. Grab something for yourself or a loved one; use the code DISNEYPAL at checkout.

The leader of the house of mouse has never looked better. This colorful and adorable seven-inch figure by Jerrod Maruyama was designed just for the WonderGround Gallery. If you can’t get to one of the Disney Parks just yet, bring the Magic Kingdom to your own home. This vinyl figure is a bold collector’s item and 63% off what it first sold for.

We know you’re still enamored with The Child because we are too. This Grogu crop top is the cutest way to show your love for the babe of the galaxy. It’s a cotton-poly blend that’s boxy cut with a raw-edge hem. Very chic. There’s also Mandalorian lettering on the top of the shoulders that certainly adds a badass level to this comfy tee.

Fingers crossed, we are getting this Black Widow movie sooner than later. This is a great deal on this ring from RockLove because their pieces rarely go one sale. I actually own this ring, and it’s gorgeous in person. The classic Widow hourglass emblem shines and sparkles with blood-red crystals. Set in sterling silver, it was then plated in polished black ruthenium to give it a more distressed look. It wraps around the finger perfectly to show the world you’re a boss spy babe. As with all their jewelry, this comes in a beautiful collector’s box.

Free shipping on orders over $75.

Ok, so I’m going to be upfront with you: The entire time I’ve been prepping this deal, I’ve been catching myself slouching and fixing my posture. I caught myself slouching while photoshopping the image you see above, I slouched while typing the headline— and, shit, even now while I’m typing this! I’ve been fixing my posture again and again.

But, I think it’s time to make a longer-lasting habit change— and maybe you feel the same way? Be honest here: Did you or did you not fix your posture when you clicked this article? Yeah, I thought so.

We all know that maintaining good posture is better for your body and it helps anyone look more attractive and confident. Now, technology can help remind us to keep our spines straight via the Upright GO Posture Trainer device.

Now on sale at Best Buy, you can get this nifty little posture trainer for just $45 today. That’s $35 lower than you can even get it on Amazon!

The Upright GO Posture Trainer sticks to your back with adhesive and works with a companion app that helps you track your progress toward building better posture.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this thing seems like it will be super annoying. But it also seems like it will be worth it in the long run— especially considering how much time many of us spend sitting at our computers for work, school, and (currently) even our social lives. I also worry the adhesive could be agitating for sensitive skin, so maybe consider pairing the device instead with a special necklace for holding the device in place? It’s sold out at Best Buy right now, but you can find it for the original Upright GO for $16 for one or $28 for a black and white pair at Amazon.

This is one of those deals that’s really great but takes a bit of patience and finagling. Until March 6, take $3.50 off qualifying items with the code 939905. So I say this is difficult because so many brands are currently on sale or have pretty good discounts currently running. But after playing around, there are still quite a few items that this code will work with. You have to spend a minimum of $15.

A great option is Pixi’s Purifying Trio Kit. It looks like most Pixi products will vibe with the code. This trio is all about keeping your face as glowing as possible. In three easy steps, cleanse, exfoliate, and purify. Have a wintery shimmer and hydrated skin for the rest of the season with travel-friendly sizes of the Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Tonic, and T-Zone Peel-Off Mask.

2020 part deux stress is rolling on and calling for a moment of self-care, a bath bomb can certainly help you take a pause. I’ve had a few of these from da Bomb, and this one is hands down my favorite. It fizzes like fluffy pink cotton candy, smells awesome, and leaves your skin silky smooth. Oh, and you get a prize once it fully dissolves. There are thirty-two bombs to pick from, so definitely something for everyone, even kids.

Animal Crossing’s makeup from ColourPop just landed yesterday at Ulta. There are still a few things left, like the 5 Star Island palette. This my favorite of the bunch and is my go-to from the original launch. It’s a 4-pan palette with rich hues of pink. You can actually use the semi-metallic yellow as a base and then blend a very vibrant peachy pink matte. You also get a uber sparkly and lush glitter pink and a hot pink matte sparkle too. There are a lot of girly and bold looks to be had here. Kind of an 80s aesthetic.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

I’m so proud of you for still wearing a mask, it’s super cool of you. But do you need an upgrade or maybe something a little more heavy-duty? Or maybe you just want to put your mind at ease with something a smidge more protective? Grab 60 of the KN95 masks from MorningSave right now for just $29.

These are industry-standard which means they are supposed to filter 95 percent of particles. That is just about as good as you can get. So the mask obviously doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of catching or spreading something but if you wear it correctly it still drastically reduces the likelihood. These are also great if you’ve got severe allergies or asthma and protect against pollen, dander, and whatnot. The KN-95 isn’t made for clinical environments not that you’re performing surgery with these but they will definitely protect you and others against what is currently out there. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear masks. So thank you.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many.

If you’ve ever made the mistake of applying glitter nail polish, you know it basically takes an exorcism to remove every last bit of sparkle once you’re sick of it.

Sure, you have the option of soaking your nails in acetone to remove it all—but that leaves me with red, itchy hands after, personally. And even if it doesn’t bother your skin, the acetone strips natural oils from your nails. If you are also done with harmful acetone, you’ve got to give a peel-off base coat a try.

There’s nowhere better to start than the UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Base Coat, now just $13 at Amazon. This cult-favorite base coat (which even used to be a favorite of popular nail-art YouTuber Simply Nailogical before she created her own peel-off base coat) makes removing your nail polish so easy you won’t want to go back.

When you’re finished with your manicure and ready for a new look, just dab a bit of your preferred skin oil (I use jojoba) around your cuticles, and then peel away. It’s especially satisfying to see the polish come off in one go!

Grab it while the price is good.

I’m a big fan of Korean beauty products, and if you are too, I have a great deal for you from Passioncat today.

Get 35% off a PASSIONCAT Twist Velvet Tint of your choice when you clip the coupon under the price on Amazon. Normally $16, that brings any of these lovely tints down to just $11.

Plus, if you add a Hand Sanitizer Gel by PASSIONCAT to your cart, you’ll get it for free as an added bonus! It will bring any of these lip tints down to just $8 when you add it to your shopping cart.

If you want a velvet-y pout in peach or pink shades, there are plenty of options:

This tint also comes in some more vibrant red shades, if you want a more glamorous look.

It’s unclear how long this deal will last, so why not treat yourself to a more kissable pout today while it’s still on?

JACHS is really out here trying to make you the most stylish man you can be. They’re running another killer sale this week. Grab one of over seventy premium button-downs for a low as $12. No codes needs and prices are already marked on each shirt.

Everyone needs a quality flannel. I actually love an oversized men’s flannel to pair with a t-shirt, leggings, and boots. This one is sherpa lined for optimum coziness ($25). It’s versatile for any gender. It’s so easy to layer and style. Made of 100% cotton, this will take you through the rest of the chilly season.

There are plenty of classic and traditional button-downs too, so you can still look the business on your zoom calls. The Tech Shirt ($19) line was quite literally engineered for a long haul day. Made with ultra-stretch fabric, they are not only comfortable but cool in any season. No really, they have moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat during a big meeting. It’s a cotton/poly/spandex blend that’s easy to care for and surprisingly study. Oh, and it’s 79% off.

Free shipping on orders over $100.

With anniversary events gearing up to celebrate 25 years of Pokémon, jump in the festivities with an adorable new Eevee wallet. Arguably one of the cutest OG pocket monsters, Eevee has become a fan favorite amongst watchers and players. Loungefly’s team up with the brand has produced a ton of eye-catching and marvelous pieces in the line. This Flying Eevee Wallet is one of them, and it’s 26% off currently.

No Eevees or any other animals were harmed in the making of this as the leather is faux. Eevee is stitched on the front, and it’s beautifully embroidered. As with all Loungefly pieces, it’s impeccably structured and will last for a long time. The metal rivets are a nice touch, and of course, the classic plaque on the back makes it as official as official comes. Little Eevee can be scamping on the interior, and there are eight slots for cards and IDs.

Bellesa’s got you covered for the big day, you know, Valentine’s Day. In another one of their classic tiered sales, the savings are based on what you spend. There’s 15% off everything on the site, but spend $79 or more and get 20% off. If you’re really looking to treat yourself, take 25% off when you spend over $149. Just use the code VDAY at checkout.

The Diskreet Vibe is the companion piece to the Diskreet Air (my favorite toy). This vibe sizes down the tech of the Aurora and Dea but not the potency. They somehow managed to get all that in just a 3.5” diameter toy. Choose how you want to groove with the multiple sides; there are options. This clitoral vibrator is just as cute as the above Air in its beautiful baby blue clamshell case. Both of these cases look like compacts and fit snuggling in your purse. They’re USB charged and waterproof too.

If you’re into high-tech toys to stimulate two of the best zones, then the Air might be the vibe for you. The Cinetic Suction plays that top note to perfection, while high-end vibrator tech hits the g-spot precisely. Durable and flexible for all types and preferences.

Free shipping on all orders over $29.

Have you ever thought to yourself, God, I wish my Fleshlight were more like a gaming rig? If you answered yes, then Lelo’s F1s is just the thing for you. Available in Developer’s Kit RED and Prototype variants, it might seem concerning that neither of these sounds like a finished product, but naming isn’t everything. While the company probably should have steered clear of monikers that, in the tech world, are typically synonymous with “works in progress,” both F1s models are nevertheless pretty advanced pieces of equipment. Too advanced, some might argue.

But for the horny desk jockey, it’s also kind of hard to resist a male sex toy that hooks up to your phone using a smartphone app for unbridled customization. But imagine if, on top of being able to control your settings and track performance, you were also able to modify the SDK yourself. Because it’s open-source, either F1s unit lets you create your own patterns and adjust the intensity of its rumble by way of its internal sensors. Add to that Lelo’s patented SenSonic haptics—made famous by the world’s best-selling Lelo Sona—and you’ve got yourself the perfect accompaniment to any high-end gaming setup, and at a price that can’t be beaten.

Some good boys are in the White House now. They’re making history too. Major will be the first shelter dog to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Pets in the President’s home has a long and storied history. If you’re like me, you’re excited to see the adventures the First Dogs will get up to just as Bo, Buddy, Millie, Checkers, and Fala did before them. Joy McCullough’s brand new storybook gives a little background to the presidential puppers and imagines what life will be like for them in our country’s famous home. Sheyda Abvabi Best beautifully illustrates each page, capturing not only the likeness but personality of the Biden’s loyal duo. Grab 34% off Champ and Major: First Dogs ($7 off for the Kindle) right now.

This is a wonderful gift for dog lovers young and old, or anyone who wants a way to remember this historic return of dogs to our White House.

This book will ship free for Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari on 1/21/2021 and was updated with new information by Elizabeth Lanier on 2/14/2021.




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Amazon makes the cheapest brand-name tablets around, and while we wouldn’t put them on par with proper iPads, they’re solid budget-friendly options for use-anywhere streaming media, ebooks, web browsing, and more. Usually, the dirt-cheap Fire 7—currently just $40—and the Fire HD 8 (now $65) catch our attention, but it’s the sizable Fire HD 10 tablet that might be Amazon’s best bargain at the moment.

Right now, the large 1080p slate is just $95, a 37% savings off the $150 list price. This sizable Android tablet gives you a solidly crisp screen ideal for media, apps, browsing, and even games, plus the 12-hour battery life will keep you entertained whether kicking around at home right now or hopefully on future, safe travels.

Amazon’s tablets aren’t the most powerful devices around, so keep your expectations in check as far as glossy 3D gaming and speedy multitasking. However, they hit a sweet spot in terms of function and price and are ideal for consuming media. Amazon customers give the Fire HD 10 a 4.6-star rating and the $95 price is for the 32GB version with ads on the lock screen. The ad-less version is $110, or you can always pay a fee to remove the ads later.

In his roundup of the best VPNs at Gizmodo, Andrew Couts called NordVPN “fast and easy to use,” citing accessibility and affordability as reasons to subscribe. Though it’s almost always marked down from its $287 list price, the 2-year plan is nonetheless the cheapest option to get started with the service and continue using it long-term. For a limited time only, though, it’s not only 68% off, bringing your total to just $89 for 730 days, but it also comes with an extra 1-month, 1-year, or 2-year plan, randomly applied by the Nordic gods at checkout, through the end of February.

Couts says in his abbreviated review:

No matter what you pay, you’ll get access to more than 5,400 servers in more than 60 countries, a bunch of features you may or may not want, and, because the company is based in Panama, assurances that your data—or lack of data, as the case may be—is outside of U.S. and European jurisdictions. Like every other VPN on this list, NordVPN claims to have a “strict no-logs policy,” so most of your data isn’t collected, the company says. It does still collect your email address, payment information, and the timestamp of the last time you launched the VPN.

But NordVPN isn’t without its downsides. “…some researchers have found that it sends your email address and Google Ad ID to a marketing company when you register through the Android app and contains some trackers,” Couts explained. “Another downside is that some of NordVPN’s servers are rented, which means another company you need to trust is in the mix. And yes, one of those servers got hacked in 2018.”

Still, if you want one of the most reliable VPN clients, with the budget to support its robust infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with NordVPN. Plus, with availability on virtually every platform imaginable—from macOS to Android TV—this private networking tool is equal parts ubiquitous and acclaimed. Endorsed by PCMag, Wired, CNET, Business Insider, and more, it may be time to board the Nord train if you’re somehow unwedded to a VPN already.

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