Star Wars Hunters, a New Battle Royale Game, Coming to Switch


The game developer on this one is… interesting.


What if Star Wars, but you could play it? This simple formula has given us classic video games like Star Wars Episode I: RacerStar Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, and of course, the Super Star Wars trilogy.

Now, a new Star Wars game has stepped up to the, uh, space plate. It was announced during the February 17, 2021 Nintendo Direct that Star Wars: Hunters is coming to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices later in 2021. It will be a free-to-play battle royale arena combat game, joining such trendy titles as FortniteApex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. And while I don’t normally love this type of title, I cannot lie that seeing the smooth, cartoonish, even neon-colored style in this brief 30 second announcement trailer got me more than a little jazzed about squadding up with some homies and battle royale-ing the galaxy.

An official website for the title has been set up, with the following brief synopsis of gameplay: “Join the greatest Hunters from the Star Wars galaxy in real-time cross-play squad battles. Dominate grand arenas using skill and tactics as you engage in thrilling combat to reign victorious with your team.” There is a giant asterisk above all of this though, whether you’re a battle royale fan or not. It’s being developed in part by Zynga, known for those notoriously microtransaction-filled casual games like FarmVilleWords With Friends, and licensed titles like Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells. Will they turn this title into a cheap cash grab, designed to get younger, impressionable players to accidentally spend all of their parents’ money to get different lightsaber colors? Or will it, like, actually be fun?

Star Wars: Hunters comes to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android sometime 2021. Check out the brief announcement trailer below.

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