SEGA: We’re Really Happy with Xbox Game Pass Results and Hope Microsoft Is Too


NeoGamer23241m ago(Edited 40m ago)

I am a consumer, if they are giving me value i will continue to pay, if they aren’t I will stop paying. It is the same for me with PSN+ and PSNow. I will pay until they don’t provide me value. It is that simple.

And as a consumer you always have to watch what the companies do… Whether it is Control, DMC5, etc ultimate additions or whatever, companies will do their best to pay a little and get you to buy a lot. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Capcom, EA, Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft or whoever. You can be as dumb or smart with your money as you want.

None of the companies are truly for gamers. They make games to get our money. No other reason.

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