Sandra Bullock Boards Bullet Train, Brad Pitt-Starring Actioner


From the director of ‘John Wick’ and ‘Deadpool 2.’

Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality

From Brad Pitt to Lady Gaga, an eclectic slate of stars are punching their tickets to board Bullet Train, an upcoming action-thriller with about as badass a title as can ever be manufactured, directed by David Leitch (John WickDeadpool 2). And now, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars is joining the, um, train car… of bullets…

Deadline reports Sandra Bullock will be joining the film in an as-of-yet unspecified role, marking, somehow, the first time she and Pitt have ever worked together (though they share a heist-filled universe, with Pitt playing Rusty, George Clooney‘s right-hand man, in Ocean’s 1113 and Bullock playing Debbie Ocean, Clooney’s sister, in Ocean’s 8). I would sincerely hope that Bullock and Pitt have a leading man/leading woman type relationship, something akin to her and Keanu Reeves in Speed, because that would be a lovely jolt of old-fashioned Hollywood action theatrics I would adore.

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We’ll see what Leitch and screenwriter Zak Olkewicz (Lights Out), adapting Kotaro Isaka‘s novel Maria Beetle, have in store for their ensemble cast, which also includes Joey King (The Kissing Booth), Aaron Taylor Johnson (Tenet), Brian Tyree Henry (Joker), Zazie Beetz (um, also Joker), Michael Shannon (Knives Out), Logan Lerman (Fury), Masi Oka (The Meg) and Andrew Koji (Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins). The plot involves a, well, bullet train full of assassins who begin to realize their contracts are all connected in a nefarious conspiracy that I’m sure will involve lots of shooting and punching. And to think of Bullock as a rival assassin to Pitt is just about as classic a Hollywood story as I can think of — if that is, indeed, what she’s playing.

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