Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Trailer Teases Monster Roster


Get ready to make suits out of a whole bunch of new monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise game art

Nintendo hosted one of their massive Nintendo Direct livestreams today, during which they dropped news about major current and upcoming titles. In addition to revealing some details about an Animal Crossing / Super Mario Bros. crossover that will likely have fans seeing both bells and mushrooms, the gaming giant premiered a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in the long-running action RPG survival franchise.

The trailer shows off a number of the game’s environments, as well as a beefy roster of the fearsome monsters you and your friends will be facing in order to claim their precious crafting materials to build more powerful weapons and armor, the core gameplay loop of the series. As in previous installments, the monsters you fight range from traditional fantasy creatures like dragons, gigantic versions of real-life animals like bats and armadillos, and completely bizarre new creations dreamed up by the design team. As an admittedly new fan of Monster Hunter, I can’t say whether the bosses featured in Monster Hunter Rise are new to the franchise or returning favorites, but there looks to be more than enough to keep you and your friends busy for many, many hunts.

Image via Capcom, Nintendo

We also catch some glimpses of Monster Hunter Rise’s story, which seems to center on your character defending their village against the titular beasts. That’s essentially the same story as 2018’s excellent Monster Hunter: World, and, as I understand it, pretty much every other game in the series. But the gameplay is the star here, and judging by the trailer, fighting monsters looks every bit as thrilling and addictive as it’s always been. The trailer also shows off a number of in-game pre-order and deluxe edition bonuses you can receive, as well as some radical tie-in accessories you’ll be able to purchase at the game’s launch, including a new set of 3 amiibos and a Monster Hunter-themed Pro Controller. My wallet gently weeps.

Check out the trailer below. Monster Hunter Rise releases on Nintendo Switch March 26.

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