Host Regina King Shines in Musical Weed Gummies Sketch


Another great sketch saw a woman get mixed messages from her friends via their birthday gifts for her.


The latest episode of Saturday Night Live saw Regina King, beloved actor and the director of One Night in Miami, make her hosting debut with musical guest Nathaniel Rateliff. King was one of the many stellar SNL hosts lined up for the month of February, following on the heels of great showings from John Krasinski and Dan Levy. While the quality of King’s episode was generally solid, serviceable, and enjoyable, there are two sketches that stand out as the clear winners of the night.

One of the strongest sketches from King’s episode was “The Negotiator,” which already feels like a riff on all of the recent promotions for Queen Latifah‘s CBS update of The Equalizer. In the sketch, King plays a hostage negotiator who arrives on the scene of a tense situation. Before she gets to work, King’s character reveals she ate all of the weed gummies her partner (Bowen Yang) had marked as evidence. The audience knows what’s about to happen before King’s character does, which makes the rest of the sketch a hoot to watch. For three minutes, as the weed gummies begin to take hold, we descend into a musical sketch reminiscent of the kinds of comedy songs SNL alum Adam Sandler used to perform on the show. Visions of human-sized teddy bear gummies (Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant) materialize, as does a demonic Marge Simpson (Melissa Villaseñor) and a grown-up incarnation of the sun from Teletubbies, all the while distracting the negotiator from doing her job. It’s a trippy delight that lets King be just as goofy as the SNL cast members she’s performing alongside.

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The other truly great sketch of the night was “Birthday Gifts,” which is five minutes of comedy that will have you crying with laughter after two minutes. The premise of the sketch revolves around a middle-aged woman getting different kinds of chintzy wooden signs from her friends for her birthday. The signs start out cute but quickly focus on a particular hobby that leaves the woman at a total loss for words. As the signs get weirder and more specific, the sketch just gets better and better.

Check out King in two of the best sketches of the night, “The Negotiator” and “Birthday Gifts.” New episodes of Saturday Night Live air on Saturday on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT. For more, find out who’s hosting the next episode of Saturday Night Live.

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