FKA twigs discusses Shia LaBeouf allegations in Gayle King interview


Throughout the interview, twigs outlines disturbing behaviour including death threats, gaslighting, and emotional manipulation. “There were certain instances where he would push me and say ‘You fell,'” twigs says, “and I would think ‘Maybe I did.'” She recounts a trip to a desert spa where LaBeouf declared that he would crash their car unless she sufficiently declared her love for him — when LaBeouf stopped at a gas station, twigs says he threw her against the car and began strangling her.

At another point, King asks “Why didn’t you leave?” which twigs refuses to answer. “I think we just have to stop asking that question… I’m just gonna make a stance and say that I’m not going to answer that question anymore because the question should really be to the abuser, why are you holding someone hostage with abuse?”

Watch the interview below:

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