Babylon: What’s Going On With The Damien Chazelle Movie


Babylon: What’s Going On With The Damien Chazelle Movie

In January 2021, Babylon’s Release Date Was Moved To Late 2022

When Babylon was announced back in November 2019 and given a Christmas Day 2021 release date, it was likely believed that the film would have little problem meeting this more than two-year window. Of course, we all know what transpired during 2020, so it should come as little surprise that in January, Paramount, among some other schedule shifts, pushed Babylon’s release date a full year.

Per Deadline, Paramount still plans a Christmas Day release, just for 2022, not 2021. The plan to start it limited on December 25, 2022, before going wide is still in place as well, with the national rollout of Babylon scheduled for January 6, 2023.

Almost no Hollywood film was released as originally planned during the pandemic. Many films simply punted on 2020, hoping that 2021 would allow for a return to theaters for potential blockbusters and awards hopefuls.

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